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Paranormal Science Database - Home

Here you will find resources for various branches of paranormal science. This database includes both sides of the equation; the view point of the skeptic as well as the believer. It uses logic and reason to determine facts, possible theories, and complete myths. This database is proceeding through an ongoing mission to discover the truth and unlock the mysteries of the life beyond our evident perception of the world. Use the resources presented here to delve into several categories, including, but not limited to:

Through the navigation bar near the top of the screen you can use the stories tab to read other people’s paranormal experiences or share your own.

Additionaly the information tab is available to find articles about whatever topic you wish to explore.

There is also the products tag if you want to buy something. Whether it be witchcraft supplies, tarot card, X-files T-shirts, or whatever. Check it out!

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