UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) have always been a mystery to the public. What are these space ships that visit our beloved planet earth? Are they just an elaborate hoax made up by a bunch of paranoid tin-foil-hat freaks or is there a greater force at work here. Is there an organization attempting to keep this information from the rest of the world? The piolets of these crafts is yet a greater mystery. These creatures from outer space, could they be here for peaceful reasons or is their motive dark and sinister?

Creatures/Mystical Beings

New types of animals are being discovered all the time. In 2011, 19,232 new species were found in that year alone. I don’t think it is foolish to assume that mankind is not aware of every living thing on this planet. Strange things lurk about this earth, some of them could even be supernatural or have supernatural abilities.

Haunted Places

What happens when we die? Does anyone truly know the answer? Some people say it is possible that certain spirits are left behind to haunt the living. Most of these hauntings are due to a traumatic experience or traumatic death(s). Certainly it can’t be a coincidence that multiple people, including previously known skeptics, experience impossible phenomenon in haunted places. Then again, there are a lot of liars out there. The only way to know the truth for yourself, is to investigate.


Whether we like to admit it or not, the truth is not always so easily found. Sometimes people try and keep it from us. Some things are kept from the world for the public good, but other times the secrets are kept for an organization or individual’s selfish evil deed. Bapsudgpuehpeepge error 836-284545398456. Is there a secret organization that eliminated that last sentence to keep the truth from escaping? Or was that just me? :D

Psychic Powers

Are there really people out there who have psychic powers or are they just people wanting money/attention? Maybe it is a combination of both. Either way there are countless number of people who claim to have paranormal abilities that ordinary folk don’t have. Unless you are psychic yourself, the choice to believe is entirely up to you.