Picture of Aliens picture of an alien

Location: Forests

Height: 3-4 ft

Weight: 30-70 lbs

Danger Level: High!

Other names: Extraterrestrials, Greys, Little Green Men, Martians, Zeta

Category: Creatures/Mystical Beings


Aliens are lifeforms that live on other planets. They are said to have vastly greater technology than us humans on Earth and frequently fly around in space crafts that look like frisbees called UFOs. The most notable features about aliens are their large buggy-looking black eyes and small human-like physique. They have 2 slits for nostrils, no nose, and a small mouth. Their skin is rumored to be grey in most alien abduction cases. However, popular culture usually depicts them to having green skin. In many abduction cases their heights can differ and can actually be taller, but most of the time they are small in stature, have smooth gray skin, and see with huge black eyes. Their craniums are larger than human craniums too. Aliens are known for their great intelligence and possibly telepathic and telekenetic abilities.

Some theorists say there are multiple types of Aliens. The common ones described in the above paragraph are also called Zeta Aliens named after the constellation section they are believed to be from. The UFO abduction case of so-and-so made Zeta a popular name for these beings.

History and Origin:

UFOs and Aliens became widely popular right before the 1900s. Thanks to author H.G. Wells, the concept of aliens are more widely known. The pictures and stories of places like The Roswell Incident in 1947 have also added to the popular idea of aliens for years to come. There are a lot of people who have made up a lot of stories for attention, this inadvertently has discredited other people who try and reveal the truth about these creatures.

Stories Say:

There is a common theme in abduction cases. The stories most commonly go something like this: The abductee will see a flying saucer and they will fall into a trance like state. The saucer will land and aliens will come out of the spaceship. Sometimes the Aliens will paralyze them with telekinetic ability making the abductee unable to escape or call for help. Then the aliens will either take the victim aboard their space ship and operate on them or do some other experiment. Abductees have made reports of being sexually violated by aliens or even have metal implants put into their bodies. Every case seems to have differences, but usually the abductions are unpleasant experiences. It is very uncommon for someone to experience a pleasant abduction, but there have been some reports of this happening. During a pleasant abduction the abductee is healed of a physical ailment such as limp limbs or cancer.

Skeptics Say:

Skeptics say that the possibility of aliens to exist in the way people potray them, is remote. After all, there isn’t a whole lot of evidence around to back up believers’ claims. The only hard proof of evidence available, is the witnesses of other people. People lie all the time and other evidence offered is inconclussive. Usually, it is a crappy photograph with horible fedelity. If there was intelligent life out there that wanted to destroy us what would be the point in being so mysterious about it. They would simply wipe us out with their superior technology and be done with us. If they wanted to befriend us, what would be the point in being so secretive about it? Logically it really doesn’t make much sense unless you want to build a bunch of far fetched conspiracies that have no facts to back them up. When Nasa uses its equipment to observe objects in outer space there is no sign of any flying space ships or intelligent life. There is some strange things that happen, but we’re only human and can’t expect to explain everything. Just because there is something that can’t be explained doesn’t mean that the answer we must automatically conclude is aliens. There are other things up there like meteors, asteroids, and other strange things yet observed in the universe. We may not be able to explain it, but it offers no validity that there is intelligent life out there.

Believers Believe:

Believers believe aliens exist and the US government is keeping it a secret (possibly other governments from other countries are involved as well). The government officials have made a pact with the aliens so that the aliens can abduct/experiment on people in exchange of alien technology. It is no surprise that evidence on extraterrestrials is limited since people from the government are the ones who control such evidence. Our galaxy is huge and by huge I mean at least 92 Billion lightyears out. That is just the observable universe. As big as our universe is, it is incredibly unlikely for there not to be other intelligent life out there. Many people around the earth have given their testimonies about abductions. Is it just a coincidence that so many of these stories are similar? If you look at the psychological well being of some of these individuals you will see that they are normal everyday folk. Even some high standing citizens have shared their alien encouters with the world.


The idea of aliens existing in our world is an astounding thought. Never would our lives be the same if their presence became common knowledge. Would the truth of the matter being brought to the public, be a blessing or a catastrophic mistake?

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Literally, just about every person in a developed country carries a camera with them at all times (smartphone). You would think we would be seeing hundreds of photos each week ... of UFO's, Bigfoot, Nessie, etc. I guess aliens know who is carrying a camera and avoids them. They must be real smart.

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