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Location: Latin America, hot dry climates

Height: 3-4 ft

Weight: 70-100 lbs

Danger Level: High!

Other names: Goat Sucker,

Category: Creatures/Mystical Beings


The best way to describe a Chupacabra is to say it is a mix between a rat, dog, and kangaroo. It has the body of a dog, has the facial appearance of a rat, and hops around like a Kangaroo. A lot of stories say that their is reptile like appearance, but mostly these are decided as hoaxes. A chupacabra has sharp claws and sharp teeth. It is a very aggressive and dangerious animal. Drinks blood of livestock. Not only goats. Bites leaving 3 holes.

History and Origin:

The first reporting of a chupacabra was back in March of 1995 in Puerto Rico. A farmer had found 8 of his sheep drained of all their blood. The only evidence left behind were the 3 holes left on each sheep where the chupacabra likely bit the sheep and drank all its blood.

Stories Say:

Chupacabra are blood thirsty animals. Their main taste prefrence tend to be goat blood, but they attack all different types of livestock. They most certainly would not have any trouble attacking a human either. These things are vicious. When they drain the blood of their prey they drain it all and possibly consume some organs as well.

Skeptics Say:

Skeptics say Chupacabra is a made up story. There are plenty of other animals that can consume the blood of animals. Who knows, it could even be a psychologically messed up person doing these sort of things. Wildlife managment officials have gotten together and also agreed it was a hoax. If you are going to trust someone who is it going to be? Experts in the field or people who blindly choose to believe.

Believers Believe:

Believers believe in the Chupacabra. No way another animal or sick person could possibly do these kind of things to livestock. Unusual things happening most likely mean unusual creatures are at work here. Also, what known animal leaves 3 hole marks where all the blood is sucked out of? It must certainly be none other than the Chupacabra.


Those warm dry parts of the globe can sure be a great place to live, but beware of the Chupacabra. If you stumble across its path you might just be its dream beverage.

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