picture of an elf

Location: Forests, Caves, Arctic places

Height: 2ft 6in to 7ft 4in

Weight: 25lbs to 235lbs

Danger Level: medium

Other names:

Category: Creatures/Mystical Beings


The most notable feature of elves are their pointy ears. Elves are described to have glossy eyes, fine features, and high cheek bones. Elves do not have much body hair so it is extreamly rare to see an elf with a beard. Fat elves are rare to find since their body doesn’t store fat easily. Santa Clause would be a statistical anomaly. Elves are said to have hightened senses when compared with humans. Their vision is remarkably amazing. They also live much longer than humans ranging from 100-1000 years. Their resistence to disease and age is the reason for this. The standard deviation of height for elves vary greatly compared to humans. The race of the elf plays a big factor on the range of height that an elf can be. There are many races of elves, they include, but not limited to: earth elves, dark elves, and ice elves. All types of elves have extremely high dexterity.

History and Origin:

Stories Say:

Elves tend to have a feminine appearance which is mostly due to their lack of testosterone and also because it is elf culture to not cut their hair, elves are rummored to have supernatural powers.

Earth elves are the most common elves. The typical Earth elf ranges from 5 ft 6in to 7 ft 4in. These elves usually like to live in peace for the most part. They usually avoid humans, because they view them as uncivil. Earth elves have the reputation of being stuck up. The elf culture revolves around being proper and respectful to one another. Their culture is also very strict. Polygamy is frowned upon and is considered equal to murder. Humor or loudness is often seen as a defense mechanism and viewed as weakness. Honor is very important to them. When using their handy skills they prefer quality over quantity. The most amazing structures are built by elves. It is rumored that long ago earth elves lived among people and even helped people build structures that were quite advanced for humans at the time. Earth elves do not like Dark elves.

Dark elves are slightly less populous than Earth elves. They normally are between 5ft 6in to 7ft 4in. These elves are the complete opposite to the Earth elves in their culture. This is probably why they don’t get along well with Earth elves. They usually ignore humans, but some of the meaner ones love tomenting people. Dark elves are loud and rowdy. They live in dark caves and sometimes abandoned coal mines. They love to have fun and are completely wreckless. The idea of marriage doesn't even exist in their world. Dark elves are amazing builders.

Ice elves are much different than the other two kinds of elves. These elves are very short in comparison. They range from 2ft 6in to 4ft 4in. These elves have a culture that respect eachother, but also know how to have a good time. They have the playful fun attitude like Dark elves, but also the respect for one another that Earth elves have. If you were to witness their culture it could easily be described as cheesy and unrealistically friendly. That is simply just the way they are. Ice elves live in arctic climates most commonly seen in the North pole. The Ice elf culture in the North pole ellects a leader reffered to as "Santa" and that elf holds that title until death. Santa is not the same elf you hear in stories, but there are parallels. For instance, santa is depicted in human culture as being a fat human with a white beard that gives toys to children. A real Santa is actually the same height as and Ice elf and just as skinny. Ice elves have amazing craftsmanship. They are the most skilled out of all elf types known. They manufacture anything from small toys to amazing buildings.

Skeptics Say:

No way are there elves. People like to invision improved versions of themselves in the form of mythological beings. If elves were real people would eventually find bones or some other kind of evidence of their existence.

Believers Believe:

Elves are real. There would not be so many stories about them if they did not exist. How hard can it be to believe that elves are just an evolutionary byrpoduct of mankind.


Is it true or possible that these pointy eared creatures are alive in our world today? One can only wonder.

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