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Other names: Blood Suckers, Dracula, Moroii, Neck Nibbler

Category: Creatures/Mystical Beings


Vampires are supernaturnal beings that have a lust for blood. They almost look like regular people, but there are some differences. Vampires are unordinarily pale in complexion and avoid the sun. It is rumored that they may even die if exposed to enough sunlight. In fact, Vampires tend to be nocturnal because of this. They are cold by nature and do not emit much body heat. You will not see a vampire’s reflection in a mirror. The reason for this is because they are actually undead beings that roam the earth. At night they go to bed in a very closed off dark space. Preferably a coffin since it comforts them by replicating a feeling of being dead. Vampires tend to have psychic powers. If you look into a vampire’s eyes you may find yourself slipping into a seductive trance. This is a hunting mechanism used by the vampire so that they can feast on the blood of the living. If all the blood of the victim is consumed then the victim will die. If the victim is only bitten or somehow escapes then that victim will go through a vamping process. In the end of this process he will become a vampire himself. These supernatural beings have evolved to the point where they have fangs to help bite into their victims making it easier to consume their blood.

History and Orgin:

Vampires have been known since medieval times, but have been an all time popular thing. A lot of stories take their own twist on truths about vampires. Take the Twighlight series for instance. In those stories vampires twinkle in the sunlight. Awwww, How adorable and cute. Nothing could be further from the truth though. When vampires go into the light they are inflicted with steaming hot pain, creating boils on the skin that could end up killing them.

Stories Say:

Vampires are some what immortal in a sense. They can be killed but they do not die of old age or by most natural causes. The only known way to kill a vampire is putting a wooden stake through its heart. Good luck with that, Vampires are usually pretty cunning due to their experience. Since vampires don’t age, a lot of them are over 100 years old yet still remain youthful and contain super human strength. Vampires do have weaknesses that can lower their abilities. Garlic. Garlic is to a Vampire like Kryptonite is to Super Man. Crucifix crosses are another way to ward off vampires. There is some talk about Holy water warding off Vampires, but most experts in the field of vampirism regard this as a myth.

Vampires are known for feasting on people. Some vampires choose to drink animal blood only, but nothing is quite as errotic as drinking the salty-sweet blood of a live human being. The most blood thirsty vampires are usually involved in satanic rituals which augment their many supernatural abilities. Some of these vampires even go as far as actually eating the bodies of their victims.

Skeptics Say:

Skeptics say that vampirism is only a mental disorder and nothing more. In ancient times vampires were only superstitions based off of birth defects and paranoid people. Basically if you were deformed in any way then you have a chance of being a vampire. The population of people would diminish with vampires at large since there would not be enough blood supply to go around especially if vampires don’t age and occasionally turn other people into vampires. The idea of vampires moving about the earth is ludicrious, because there is no hard proof to back up the claim.

Believers Believe:

Believers believe that Vampires are growing in numbers, but human population is safe due to other sources of blood supply from animals. Also, vampire hunters reduce the number of vampire’s roaming the earth. There are people that you know that are vampires. You might not even know it if you met one, because vampires aren’t usually the type to be open about who they truely are. Also if you meet someone who claims they are a vampire might actually have merit to it. Strange people usually are the ones to have paranormal abilities. There are even clubs/secret meetings out there where vampires meet up at.


Thirst. Blood. Drink! Thirst. Blood. Drink! Vampires can hardly get enough blood. You’ll never know if the people close to you are vampires. One day they may get overwhelmingly thirsty and give into their desires and quench their thirst. By drinking you!

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