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Other names: Lycanthrope, Vilkacis, Vilkolakis

Category: Creatures/Mystical Beings


Werewolves are part human and part wolf. If you were to meet a werewolf they would seem like any ordinary human being. However, every time a full moon comes out the werewolf goes through a process called Lycanthropy where they are unwillingly transformed into a wolf. This process cannot be stopped and it is very painful for the werewolf. Werewolves in their wolf form look just like a normal wolf would only they are bigger and have abnormally larger teeth and claws.

History and Orgin:

Werewolves have been around for a long time. Where they have originated is not really known. Regular people can turn into werewolves by getting bitten by a werewolf and escaping. This is fairly rare, most of the time a werewolf will rip its victim apart. Werewolfism is actually a hereditary gene that can pass through familys from generation to generation. You could have the werewolf gene in you and not even know it. It only exhibits itself when two werewolf genes are present in one’s DNA. There are some spells that witches put on people to turn them into werewolves. This form of werewolfism can be cured with magic. When it is in your DNA it is much harder to cure completely. There is no known way to do this yet.

Stories Say:

When a werewolf is in wolf form it will not have control over its actions. During this time the werewolf is extremely aggressive and dangerious. It is not uncommon for a werewolf to kill multiple people and animals in one night. Eventually the werewolf will expend its energy and go to sleep. While sleeping the werewolf will transform back into its human form. The werewolf will have no recollection of his or her actions of the previous night. This cycle repeats itself about once every lunar cycle which is a couple days shy of a month.

Skeptics Say:

Skeptics say that it is impossible for werewolves to exist. A fullmoon does not change any chemicals in a living person to transform their entire body into another creatured. These kind of things are only true in folklore and scary bedtime stories. There are mental illnesses where people believe that they transform into animals. This illness is called Lycanthropy too. That’s right, Lycanthropy is the name for the mental illness and also the name of the tranformation for believers.

Believers Believe:

Believers believe Werewolves do exist. Is it really that strange? If you listen to wolves howel in the night some of them don’t really sound like wolves. Sometimes there is something almost unnatural about the howel. Although there is no evidence supporting their existence. There isn't anything condemning their existence either.


It is a good thing that werewolves only transform every fullmoon. If it were every night there probably wouldn’t be anybody alive today.

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